AIMday® Cancer

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What AIMday® Cancer offers

Companies and Other Organisations

  • Meet academic scientists who can contribute in the process of solving your problems
  • Learn about the latest methods, infrastructure and biobanks available through Uppsala University
  • Discover new opportunities for product development through collaborations and commissioned research
  • Gain access to national and international networks of highly qualified scientists

Scientists and doctoral candidates

  • Learn about the industry’s actual need for new knowledge and competence in your area of expertise.
  • Discuss collaborations in various forms (e.g. joint programs, commissioned research, and PhD-programs).
  • Make contacts within the industry that might lead to future projects or employment.
  • Meet other scientists across universities and departmental borders to discuss issues of common interest.

Registration for industrial participants is now open. Deadline for registration is April 13th.

To register as a company, please click here! Registration for industry.

At AIMday® Cancer you and your company have a unique opportunity to get access to specialists and to discuss your specific issues with them.

The questions can be made very wide or very narrow. We don`t place any restrictions on the question formulation - the character of the question is determined entirely by you and your company. Examples of questions from last year’s meeting can be found here.

Registration is binding.

Download: AIMday® Cancer - Information to Companies  (pdf-file)

Academic scientists

Registration for academic scientists will open on April 23rd. On the registration form you can mark, in order of priority, which issues you would like to take part in discussing. Deadline for scientists’ registration is May 25th.

Download: AIMday® Cancer - Information to researchers  (pdf-file)

TITLEAIMday® Cancer
PLACERudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala
ORGANIZERUU innovation, in collaboration with Uppsala BIO, Akademiska sjukhuset, Science for Life Laboratory and VINNOVA
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