Uppsala BIO-X. A unique program for taking ideas to proof-of-concept.

Uppsala BIO-X is our cross-disciplinary needs-based research program. It is one of few programs to bridge the phase between research findings and proof-of-concept. Financing is combined with active support for product development and early contacts with a prospective market. The goal is a commercially interesting product.


BIO-X supports projects in the amount of ususally MSEK 1.0 per year for a maximum of two years. More importantly, each project receives help with project planning, IP questions, and, not least, market contacts. The close collaboration between the project groups and their advisors takes place in a dense network of life science experiences. A meeting with the right people can be arranged over the day.

Prof. Gunnar Pejler, Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences, and Dr Thomas Lind, Uppsala University Hospital, received Uppsala BIO-X in 2008 for a project based on interesting physiological observations, a well focused project plan that, taken together, show great possibilities for a new treatment of one our widespread diseases.
Photo: Lisa Reimegård

All projects are reviewed regularly by our Advisory Board of leading individuals from international industry and the academy. In these reviews the projects receive assistance with strategies for product and business development as well as valuable contacts.

A select number of applicants to BIO-X receive financing and the support package. All applicants to BIO-X are offered a support package from Uppsala BIO and our partners in the Uppsala innovation arena to further develop their idea. BIO-X coaches from our member companies are part of this process.

Current BIO-X projects focus on developing reagents, methods and drug candidates for human and veterinary medicine. You can read more about our current BIO-X projects here.

A new call for proposals will be released October 20th, 2010,

Funding for BIO-X is normally announced once a year. You can read more about how to apply for BIO-X here.

For further information, please contact Dr Erik Forsberg.

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