BIO-X coaches offer budding companies and projects long experience

A key ingredient in successful projects and companies is access to experienced advisers who can raise the bar and sharpen their focus. Uppsala BIO brings together research projects or young life science enterprises with the competence of its member companies.


BIO-X coaches
Photo: Markus Marcetic

The Uppsala region has an extremely robust life science industry. Many of the companies are members of Uppsala BIO, offering budding projects and companies unique access to some of Uppsala’s most senior researchers and product developers.

With BIO-X coaches, value is added to the idea at the same time as the risks are reduced.

Projects or budding companies often need a sounding board when they set up their R&D strategy. For products to be successfully marketed, questions about suppliers, patents, market segmenting, and regulatory requirements must be addressed at an early stage.

It goes without saying that a confidentiality agreement will be entered before any collaboration starts.

Do you want your idea to become a product? Enhance the value and reduce the risk of your idea with the help of a BIO-X coach? Contact Dr Erik Forsberg, Uppsala BIO, for further information on BIO-X coaches.

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