is a programme within Uppsala BIO that supports projects proposing potential solutions to defined needs in the life science industry and healthcare. The end-goal of selected projects is to verify the proposed hypothesis (e.g. a proof of concept). After BIO-X® the projects should be ready for investment by for example industry or public/private investors, for the development of a future new product, method or therapy bringing significantly new value for the patients, healthcare and society.


The BIO-X® programme is a major opportunity to find previously unexposed early projects and to gain first right of refusal to new product concepts. BIO-X brings academia’s unique resources to your business, such as an overview at the forefront of research. In addition, projects funded by BIO-X have access to clinical partners and resources such as biobank materials, and patient registers.

Partnership can be formed on three levels: with selected project proposals in on-going calls; with projects stored in the BIO-X database and as a strategic partnership with the complete BIO-X programme.

As a result of earlier calls, we have been able to offer opportunities for clinical and industrial partners in projects developing solutions for hospital-acquired infections, diagnostics and in green and industrial biotechnology.


BIO-X® offers you advice, processes and funding so that your project develops towards a proof of concept for a solution that benefits society. BIO-X promotes success by introducing essential support from an industrial partner as well as input from end-users. You will follow a structured project process, but still be able to own and publish your results. 

We are currently looking for projects on new opportunities for existing drugs to provide benefits to patients, healthcare or society. The end-goal is a proof of concept for a product, method or therapy ready for further investment. The call for proposals will remain open until August 26, 2013.



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