We foster expansion and connect people

As a fast-moving independent player in the regional and national life science ecosystem, Uppsala BIO is uniquely positioned to address both small and large life science company needs. With a diverse and highly competent team, a huge network, and a leading role in strategic life science programmes, we respond and act quickly.

Our number one asset is our network. We keep in close touch with the life science community at large, constantly working to match needs with solutions and remove obstacles to growth.

To foster expansion, we work actively with companies, universities, the municipality, the innovation support system and investors. We identify key challenges and handle them by initiating solution-focused pilot projects within the framework of Uppsala BIO activities.

One recent example of our active role in developing life science in Uppsala is the government-funded (via Vinnova) BioProcess Innovation Center in conjunction with GE Healthcare.

Last but not least, we arrange many popular events where people meet – there’s nothing we enjoy more than connecting people!

Uppsala BIO unites our region’s collective forces to promote the growth of a strong and sustainable life science sector.

We make life science more competitive. Everyday.


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