Efter Jobbet with the law firm Lindahl, are you ready for GDPR?

Welcome to an inspiring and informative afternoon!

The EU’s new general data protection regulation, GDPR, will be implemented on 25th of May 2018. Legal, technical and organizational considerations and measures are needed to prepare and effectively manage the risks and opportunities associated with data protection regulations.

The new data regulation encompasses all citizen data handled in an organisation, authority or company including names, photos and employee data such as information about sick-leave.

Join us for an afternoon at Conextion to learn the most pressing issues regarding GDPR in your organisation and the opportunity to ask the specialists all your questions! The Lindahl team are experts in GDPR and throughout their presentation they will give you hands-on suggestions and examples that you can follow and implement in your organisation.

When: 21st of March at 16:00 – 18:00
Where: Conextion, Uppsala Business Park
What: Presentation, Discussion, coffee and sandwiches

Register here no later than 16th of March.


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