Join us on the 22nd of November to celebrate one of Uppsala’s most successful 50-year olds!

2017 marks the 50-year anniversary of the development of the RAST-method (radioallergosorbent test) for allergy diagnosis. The RAST-method was the foundation that led to Pharmacia Diagnostics’ success, Pharmacia is still around today in the form of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Pharmacia and subsequently Thermo Fisher Scientific has maintained status as world leading in the field of asthma and allergy diagnostics throughout these 50 years!

We are thrilled to introduce on this evening the inventor of the RAST-method, Professor Leif Wide, who will take us through the development of this pioneering method and the consequences it had, not just for Uppsalas Life Science industry, but asthma and allergy diagnostics globally.

On stage joining professor Wide is Jon-Sverre Shanche, VP Global R&D at Thermo Fisher and Professor Christer Janson, expert in respiratory disease from Uppsala University.

Uppsala University Innovation participates in the celebration and invites companies in the field of respiratory disease to have their questions and challenges addressed by experts in academia. Check out AIM-day for more information!

Join us at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Uppsala Business Park at 17:00 on the 22nd of November. We will provide the bubbles and the food!

If you need help to get here; grab a pre-booked bus from the central station outside of Radisson and we will get you to the festivities on time. Send an email to to secure a seat.

When: 22nd of November at 17:00, registration starts at 16:45

Where: Rapsgatan 7, Uppsala Business Park

What: information and celebration!

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/Uppsala BIO, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Professor Kjell Alving from Uppsala University