Learn from LEGO & IKEA:
Stop telling – start showing!

Maps, notes and drawings. Three visual ways to transfer knowledge that has been working through all ages. By visualizing, you transfer information and knowledge easily, without costly translations. Get inspiration from the award-winning innovator Johan Lundell from Nodd!

Host: Johan Lundell, Nodd

When: Wednesday December 5, 11.45–12.30

Where: Conextion, Uppsala Business Park, Rapsgatan 7, Uppsala

Register at uppsala@klovern.se. Please enter the date for the event.


Conextion is a new meeting-spot in Uppsala Business Park. Listen to interesting talks, find business and innovation support or just simply stop by for a cup of coffee.

Conextion brings Uppsalas life science actors closer to Uppsala Business Park and strengthens collaborations with adjacent fields. We make it easier to stay updated on the latest news in life science in Uppsala, and easier to meet your peers.

Conextion is a collaboration between Klövern and Uppsala BIO. Together we create a new kind of operation to stimulate and support innovation, business and collaboration in Uppsala Business Park ­ home to more than half of Uppsalas life science companies as well as enterprises in the areas of materials, IT and green tech.

Margaretha Gadnell. Director, Life Science Cluster Development. “I work with companies, investors, the municipality and national players like Business Sweden to foster growth and to promote investment in the region.”

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