Is your drug safe enough to enter the clinic?

We invite you to listen to the panel debate where Sara Mangsbo, researcher and entrepreneur of the year will moderate the insightful discussion.
Hear about the latest optimal approaches to managing risk and learn from the experts how to build value in early clinical development, as well as how to navigate the evolving regulatory space.

Lecturer: Sara Mangsbo (Moderator)
Panelists: Bengt Dahlström (CSO, Clinical Trial Consultants), Sofia Öling, (Business Development Manager Immuneed), Erika Fletcher, (Head of R&D Immuneed)  and Marie Gårdmark (CEO at RegSmart)


Sara Mangsbo Bengt Dahlström Marie Gårdmark  


About the companies:

Immuneed was founded in 2014 and initially focused on the development of a novel immunotherapy for cancer. In 2018, the vaccine project was acquired by the Norwegian pharmaceutical company Ultimovacs. Today they are fully focused on developing Immuneed’s platform and associated services, to address important questions related to the safety and function of biopharmaceuticals.

CTC’s mission is to facilitate clinical and translational research by providing their customers with cost-effective advice, conduct and reporting of clinical trials. They have four different units: Clinical Research Units, Clinical Operations, Pharmacovigilance and Biometrics, all supported by independent quality assurance management.

Regsmart Life Science is a regulatory consultancy firm that helps navigation in a complex and evolving regulatory landscape. With a long regulatory experience, they provide fit for purpose advice and support in relation to European and US regulation.

Be a part of the life science scene in Uppsala!

Hosts: Immuneed

When: 14 January, 2020. 16.30-18.00

Where: Innovation Hub, Dag Hammarskjöld väg 38, 751 83 Uppsala

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