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Through projects and other initiatives, we strengthen Uppsala’s life science cluster. The working method is tailored for each case to achieve the best and most sustainable result.

Case: Foundation of the test-bed Innovation Akademiska


Involving end-users early in product development leads to better products and greater patient benefits. Region Uppsala thus realised early on that usability testing and evaluation of products designed for hospital environments was a priority.

In 2008, Uppsala University Hospital (Akademiska Sjukhuset) therefore launched a project to stimulate new innovations for better healthcare. Its innovation activities, known as ‘Innovation Akademiska’, were run as a project led by Uppsala BIO. Almi Business Partner was also part of the team.


The University Hospital is one of Sweden’s leading centres of clinical excellence and research. But many good ideas and potential improvements for current day-to-day routines in healthcare fail to make it to commercialisation and widespread use.

Uppsala BIO, together with its partners, thus initiated an operation to bolster the development of ideas from the hospital. In other words, a typical example of its role as a catalyst and coordinator working for better healthcare.


Uppsala BIO initiated the project ‘The Innovative Hospital’, which led to the formation of Innovation Akademiska. Innovation Akademiska offers a way in for companies wanting to develop their products in close collaboration with healthcare as an end-user, and a way out for ideas emanating from the hospital’s personnel and their daily work.


Following a decision by Uppsala County Council (Region Uppsala since 2017), the innovation entry-point and test-bed Innovation Akademiska became an integrated part of the University Hospital in 2016.

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