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The smart road to operational excellence

Scandinavia’s leading consultants for realizing operational improvement offer smart services and solutions to drive excellence. System-based solutions, consulting and a broad range of compliance services are their specialties. Uppsala comes naturally to its business since 70% of PlantVision’s turnover springs from the life science industry.

Celebrating 20 years of success

“Operating as a large family means everyone is connected, so we can always bring our combined expertise to support our customers,” Sara Ödmark, Consultant Manager for Compliance Excellence in Uppsala.

Over the past 20 years, PlantVision has grown successfully, supporting a broad range of customers across life science, energy, process, and discrete manufacturing industries.

“We were founded around developing and installing intelligent production systems. Since then we have evolved from offering primarily system-based solutions to a mix of consulting, solutions and services,” explains Sara Ödmark, PlantVision’s Consultant Manager for Compliance Excellence in Uppsala.

This year the company celebrates its 20th anniversary, having grown from five employees to approximately 150 professionals. “Today we have around 65 dedicated experts within the area of life science compliance,” adds Ödmark.

Tailor fitted to create smart solutions

PlantVision is a value-driven company that puts knowledge sharing and continuous learning high on the agenda. “Operating as a large family means everyone is connected, so we can always bring our combined expertise to support our customers,” says Sara Ödmark.

A priority for PlantVision is to work in partnership with customers – in the sense of always being adaptable and optimizing support to meet the customer’s needs. “We work either individually or in delivery teams, so we can achieve a tailored fit to the customer’s organization and goals,” adds Ödmark.

The company works with organizations across the life science spectrum, from service providers to development and manufacturing companies, covering Pharma, Biotech, MedTech, IVD and eHealth. “Typically, our customers are looking for expertise to help drive or support some kind of transition, for example, digitalization, data integrity, validation/verification, quality management systems, or regulatory compliance,” explains Ödmark.

Challenges and opportunities

The world of life science is moving forward quickly, with several updated regulations and new scientific growth. Market opportunities, regulations, and company funding are the three major factors driving the strategy of life science companies. “As consultants, we need to bring a pragmatic approach to compliance, balancing state-of-the-art methodology with necessary basic processes to allow our partners to achieve both short-term and long-term success,” comments the Consultant Manager regarding the challenges.

Uppsala – the place to be for Life Science

PlantVision has been Uppsala BIO’s supporting partner for the past 6 months. The strong life science history in Uppsala, the mix of innovation and large-scale established industry, and the extensive support networks convinced the company that Uppsala is the right place to be.

According to PlantVision, Uppsala offers a unique opportunity with diverse life science companies in different stages of development – many of which are facing similar challenges. This scenario provides opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing within the field. 

“Networking in the Uppsala life science region is something we should all cherish and contributes towards in order to further nourish market development and growth,” concludes Sara Ödmark, while thinking about how to accelerate the future success of life science companies in Uppsala and beyond.

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