Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa, CEO, Scandinavian CRO

Meet our partner Scandinavian CRO

A full-service Clinical Contract Research Organisation

Scandinavian CRO (SCRO), with head-offices in Uppsala, is a full-service Clinical Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that plans, conducts, analyses, communicates and reports phase I-IV clinical trials in the pharma, MedTech and diagnostic sectors.

Why this focus?

SCRO identified the need of the life science industry for a ‘smaller’ CRO with tailor-made solutions and partnerships. One of their strengths is that they understand their clients’ day-to-day work and the challenges of resources and time-frames they need to tackle. Time is money and you need to move fast without losing quality.

“What is the driving force behind SCRO? Being able to help throughout the journey”, says CEO Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa. “We have an important role to play in facilitating clinical studies. For patients, clinical studies are a way to gain access to the latest research, while for healthcare providers, they’re a way to improve care. But for the latter group, simply dealing with the pressures of day-to-day work can be difficult and clinical trials are one thing that may be de-prioritised. This is where we can help!”

“We are definitely in the right place with several great initiatives […]. Everything is close by.”

Looking to the future, Ulrika is excited about the development and growth of Uppsala’s life science cluster. “We are definitely in the right place with several great initiatives; Uppsala BIO, UIC, Conextion, Connect, ALMI and many more. Everything is close by. This simplifies finding the right contacts and skills that we need to give optimal support. In addition, the MedTech sector is growing (just look at eHealth!), while at the same time, new regulations have been issued from the EU. This will be a huge challenge for most companies since they will need to review their current standards in order to comply. One of SCRO’s missions is to support companies in this effort”, says Ulrika.

What does SCRO’s business look like today?

SCRO’s clients range from big pharma to academically-driven groups, but the largest category comprises SMEs in pharma, MedTech and diagnostics. SCRO can provide support in planning, implementing, analysing, communicating and reporting clinical studies. Ulrika stresses the importance of having a solid strategy right from the start that enables informed decision-making throughout the journey, and this is where SCRO can assist. At the moment, the company is preparing to introduce a new project model or ‘project culture’ outlining how to more efficiently drive clinical studies in collaboration with the client. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch!

How has the company developed?

Scandinavian CRO was launched in 2007 by Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa. Ulrika had up until then been employed in the CRO sector and had identified a market-need that was waiting to be met. This is why SCRO stands out as a CRO today, as a company that works especially well with SMEs since both parties understand each other’s everyday lives. SCRO offers a flexibility that is often necessary for SMEs: each client receives a customised project package!

SCRO has grown steadily and organically, thus enabling a stable quality. Today it employs approximately 25 people. Although the company is headquartered in Uppsala, it has an international clientele and operates in Norway, Denmark and Finland. Moving forward, the plan is to double the workforce globally over the next five years and become a leading Nordic CRO!

Margaretha Gadnell. Director, Life Science Cluster Development. “I work with companies, investors, the municipality and national players like Business Sweden to foster growth and to promote investment in the region.”

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Erik Forsberg. Ph.D., Associate Professor, CEO. “My goal is to drive system improvements that create better conditions for life science to develop in Uppsala.”

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