Uppsala LIFE 2020, Foto: Anders Tukler

Rethinking Markets and Organisations

Volatile financial markets, Corona, dotcom crash, transition in Eastern Europe and 9/11 tells us that turbulence and turmoil is an inherent component of global business markets today. In this environment organizations need to innovate, preferably in order to achieve sustainable success. Thus, we need to re-think both how markets function and how organizations need to formulate their strategies.

How do organizations formulate their strategies today and how do people function in the ideal world and in reality: a pragmatic view of how we are using our power to innovate, what we are actually doing together in organizations and helpful ways in moving forward together.


Åsa Lundquist Coey.
She holds a PhD in Management & Complexity from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK and an M.Sc in Organisation & Leadership and has a background in Law, Pedagogics and Coaching. She lectures regularly at SSE, Stockholm School of Economics, Executive Education within Advanced Management, where she is a member of the faculty.


Martin Johanson. Professor at the department of Business Studies at Uppsala University. His research deals mainly with internationalization of fast-growing SMEs, where he is interested in the speed of internationalization and how companies cope with turbulent and non-expected phenomena during the internationalization process





Moderator: Anna Dyhre. She holds a Master of Law and Economics and is a well known moderator within the fields of Life Science and the new labor market. Anna has published several books about Employer Branding and the importance of being an attractive employer to younger generations and true talent. 





Round table discussion


Marcus Lindahl. Professor of industrial engineering & management, dean of collaboration at the faculty of Science & Teechnology / UU, head of collaboration at the department of industrial engineering & management.  Lindahl leads the sub-project ”Implementation & Business Developmen”t within the new Vinnova funded competence center AddLife. He has a very good overview of innovation, skills supply and growth, and how our educational programs, courses, and research connect to these needs.

Evelina Vågesjö. CEO Ilya Pharma. Co-founder, PhD in Physiology, MBA focus Finance and MnA. Developed methods to steer immune cell functions and delineated a new mechanism of action during in tissue regeneration. She has managed the project from initial idea to clinical proof of concept and scaling of the company.  


Max Hällström. Educator and facilitator at the Allbright foundation. He has has long experience in managing in-house processes towards preventing discrimination and promoting an inclusive workplace culture. Max deals with issues surrounding gender equality, masculinity and LGBTQ rights in a systemic and goal-oriented ways in order to create long-lasting change and sustainable results in the entire company.

Sara Wallin. Sara is currently CEO of Almi Väst and in December the new CEO of Chalmers Ventures. She has a background in entrepreneurial growth companies and investments. In addition to her operational assignment, Sara has bord assignments at the University of Gothenburg and the Swedish Agency for Economic and regional Growth, among others


Olle Bergdahl. Collaboration manager at Uppsala University Innovation. He is driven by the mission to strengthen the interplay between academia, business and society to promote innovation and increased utilization of research and knowledge. Olle is also Project Director at the Swedish National Strategic Innovation Program Internet of Things Sweden. He has change and innovation leader experiences from both public and private sector. Olle Bergdahl hold a Master of Science in Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology.

Sonia Zouave. Sonia is currently a Master student at the Entrepreneurship program at Uppsala University. She has a bachelor’s in political science with a focus on security policy from the Swedish National Defence College and a masters in South East Asian Politics from SOAS, University of London. She is also engaged within a sub-organisation of Engineers without Borders in Uppsala and has worked on multiple projects supporting sales and communications for her sector.

Karl Andersson. CEO A23 Lab AB and CEO Oncoalgorithms AB. Karl is an entrepreneur who solves problems with available assets. After a decade at Biacore AB, Karl founded Ridgeview Instruments AB that brought an analytical instrument to the market using scarce resources. In 2018, Karl left the operative part of Ridgeview to join A23 Lab AB, a clinical diagnostic laboratory focussing on prostate cancer. With the event of the coronavirus, A23 Lab temporarily repurposes the workflow to also provide SARS-CoV-19 PCR tests with major hospitals in Sweden and Finland as customers. A23 Lab is now facing expansion where leadership in a rapidly changing environment will be top priority for the near future.

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