Photo: Ewa Ahlin

BIO-X call 2013

New opportunities for existing drugs

This call for proposals suggesting how existing drugs could further benefit patients, healthcare or society covered general solutions as well as specific drug molecules.


Peetra Magnusson
Heparin conjugate for vascular protection.

Sara Mangsbo, Immuneed
Development of a therapeutic vaccine to cancer based on the patient’s own immune response.

Cecilia Söderberg-Naucler
Repositioning an existing drug for the treatment of HCMV infection and HCMV-positive cancers.

Mats J. Olsson
Transplantation of a patient’s skin cells into the brain to treat Parkinson’s disease.


Kristin Hellman. M.Sc., Business Development. “I focus on facilitating interaction between large companies and small start-ups and academic projects in order to accelerate the development of promising new products and technologies.”

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