Funding for innovation or expansion

Does your company need financial contributions to run an innovative development project, or do you need further research to develop products and services?

Several different players and financiers have published calls-for-proposals or offer other forms of support. There are several ways in which Uppsala BIO can help you find the right funding or support organisation. 

Some of the largest Swedish authorities and financiers are:


Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency. Its programmes and calls target players who are important for Sweden’s innovative prowess, such as research-focused companies, universities, research institutes and public sector organisations. Several of its calls are open to international and bilateral collaborations.

Two national strategic innovation programmes for life science: 
Swelife and MedTech4Health are national strategic innovation programmes funded by the Swedish Government via the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova.

Via Swelife, healthcare, academia and industry collaborate across organisational boundaries and between regions to achieve long-term effects that benefit Swedish life science and, in turn, public health.

The purpose of MedTech4Health is to utilise and strengthen Sweden’s potential to remain a world-leader in medical technology and to create conditions for innovative products and services that help solve healthcare challenges.

Almi Invest

Almi Invest supports companies that are newly established or in early expansion.

More help finding support:

EU Support Office at SwedenBIO

The EU Support Office is part of EU SME Support 2020, which is an industry-wide support office for small and medium-sized enterprises, so-called SMEs. The EU Support Office offers free advice and support regarding Horizon 2020 and Eurostars. The office is financed by VINNOVA and Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth). Its aim is to increase Swedish SME participation in Horizon 2020 and Eurostars.

UIC’s financing guide

Business incubator Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC) has collected current funding opportunities for projects and companies – from seed financing to buyouts – on its website.


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