Our strong commitment to Swelife contributes to our region’s development

Swelife’s goal is to strengthen Swedish life science and improve public health. This strategic innovation programme was established to retain expertise and secure future growth within Swedish life science.

Its approach is to identify and challenge obstacles for innovation and to stimulate and support new national solutions. Its calls for proposals is one means of achieving this goal.

Uppsala BIO supports Swelife at several levels; on the governing board, as a regional coordinator, in setting up expert panels and in leading national calls. This commitment harmonises with our own goal of promoting the growth of a strong and sustainable life science sector in our region. It also helps build our network. If you are interested in learning more about how Swelife or Uppsala BIO can contribute to developing your idea, just contact us.

Swelife was formed in 2014 as a result of the national mobilisation of Swedish life science actors following the closure of AstraZeneca’s R&D activities in Södertälje in February 2012 and St Jude Medical in Järfälla in 2011. Since its start, Erik Forsberg has contributed with his experience from Uppsala BIO and BIO-X, the first life science Vinnväxt initiative.


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