We enable a sustainable life science sector

Uppsala is a vibrant life science cluster, home to more than one hundred life science companies, two strong universities, key national agencies, and a top-fight research infrastructure – all with excellent track-records. Plus one of the world’s most highly-rated business incubators!

Uppsala BIO works closely with these players, the local municipality, real estate firms and support organisations to foster growth in the sector. With this tight life science community at our fingertips, we are ready to move quickly and help you.

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Björn Arvidsson. M.Sc., Ph.D., Managing director. “I’m passionate about creating value through sustainable development and mission-oriented opportunity-driven transformation.”

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Kristin Hellman. M.Sc., Business Development. “I focus on facilitating interaction between large companies and small start-ups and academic projects in order to accelerate the development of promising new products and technologies.”

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