BIO-X call 2014

ICT-healthcare solutions to improve personalised treatment and care

Better tools are needed for efficient data collection, easy access to relevant information and timely communication between healthcare professionals, carers and individuals. This nationwide call was open for proposals on new ICT-healthcare solutions to improve personalised treatment and care.


Ingrid Carlbom, Uppsala University
CMF surgery planning with the Uppsala Haptics-Assisted Surgery Planning system, HASP.

Rickard Färdig, EBP-Solutions
iMRAPP – Supporting implementation of evidence-based psychosocial programs using mobile technology.

Jesper Hassel, Mevia
Intelligent home care – Better support, improved patient care and lower societal costs.

Björn De Jounge, Biosync Technology
Stress management solution for multiple sclerosis.

Pia Keyser, Brain Stimulation AB
Diagnosis and rehabilitation after stroke.

Henrik Ljungberg, Medituner
Self-management app supporting hands-on guidance for asthma.

Oliver Mohseni, Genit
Genit – Handle with Care.

Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, GoodLifeMe
Sidekick: A smartphone- and web-based tool for prevention and treatment of lifestyle disease.


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