Strategic business development plus local meeting place for Uppsala’s innovation support system.

In 2017, Uppsala BIO, in cooperation with the property company Klövern AB, Uppsala municipality and others, participated in the strategic development of Uppsala Business Park. Starting in October of that year, Uppsala BIO also provided special export support to develop value-creating content aimed at attracting new companies to establish themselves both in Uppsala Business Park and Uppsala as a whole.

Among the initiatives taken is Conextion, a common office and meeting place for Uppsala’s innovation support systems, including UIC, UU Innovation, Almi Enterprise Partners and Almi Invest. Together with consulting companies, its idea is to test, for example, different networking groups, training opportunities and seminar series. Conextion’s overall goal is to establish a viable concept and ensure its long-term operation. Its premises in Uppsala Business Park were officially inaugurated in January 2018.


Financing: Klövern AB, Uppsala BIO*
Project duration: 2017–2018 
Contact: Margaretha Gadnell, Uppsala BIO
Uppsala BIO’s role: Expert support



* Uppsala BIO’s core funding comes from the regional financiers Region Uppsala, SLU, Uppsala University and Uppsala Municipality, as well as from VINNVÄXT, a Vinnova-funded initiative.

Erik Olaisson. B.Sc., Business Development. “I want to see more new companies, growing companies, investing companies, fresh establishments and innovative thinking in Uppsala.”

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