Ongoing and delivered projects

At STUNS Life Science we support growth and competitiveness to promote a sustainable life science sector in many different ways. In close cooperation with industry, universities, healthcare and the community we identify barriers and propose solutions to exploit the opportunities and overcome obstacles.

We are always open for collaboration to strengthen the life science sector. Do you have an idea you want to discuss? Please contact us. Below you can see some of our projects shortly described. Through these projects we hope that you can get a grasp of our way of working.

STUNS Life Science’s core funding comes from the regional financiers Region Uppsala, SLU, Uppsala University and Uppsala Municipality.

Ongoing projects

Cluster development

Conextion – promoting the attraction and growth of Uppsala Business Park

National and regional coordination of innovation support systems and infrastructure in the healthcare sector

Testa Center – new government-sponsored test-bed

Swelife Injection



Establishment of new companies – stepping up the pace



BIO-X Accelerate 

Business development – Uppsala Innovation Center (UIC)

Increased public funding for projects and SMEs

Overcoming barriers to growth for SMEs




Uppsala BIO events – networking opportunities

Delivered projects


2019  Swelife Hands-on

2019  Swelife East Central Sweden 

2019  Ordered introduction of digital services and products in the healthcare sector

2018  Process operator training at secondary level for the life science manufacturing industry

2018  Industrial Partnership / 3i 

2017  Attracting the EMA to Sweden

2017  National coordination of innovation support

2016  Purchasing service for SMEs

2015  Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science (SULS) – presenting the bigger picture

2014  National BIO-X program / Swelife Hands-on process

2014  Specialist education in natural science at Katedralskolan

2013  Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERM) 

2013  Chemistry lecturer link-up at Rosendal school

2013  Diagnostics Forum (formerly BIO-Ångström)

2012  Uppsala Health Summit

2011  Global links for regional companies

2010  EU support function for SMEs

2010  Project management coaching for industry and education

2010  Innovation Akademiska stage 2 – test-bed for medical technology

2009  Innovation Akademiska stage 1 – entrepreneurship process 

Swelife – Strategic innovation program

Technical College of Uppland – Competence provision 

BIO-X methodology – calls for proposals with strong industrial focus

Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC) – ranked among the world’s best

Kristin Hellman. M.Sc., Business Development. “I focus on facilitating interaction between large companies and small start-ups and academic projects in order to accelerate the development of promising new products and technologies.”

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