EU support function for SMEs

The need for support in attracting EU funding identified by Uppsala BIO has been handed over to specialist coordinators at Uppsala University.

During 2009–2010, Uppsala BIO carried out a pilot project together with about ten regional companies. The goal of the project, which was coordinated with Sweden BIO in order to complement ongoing activities on a national level, was to investigate and confirm the need of small companies for qualified support in attracting EU funding.

This need was indeed confirmed. However, due to priorities, Uppsala BIO could not carry out its long-term implementation. Instead, an agreement was signed with newly-assigned EU coordinators at Uppsala University allowing them to support small companies in contact with the university’s researchers. No special EU support function for SMEs was therefore established in Uppsala. Uppsala University and Sweden BIO host such initiatives instead.


Financing: Uppsala BIO*
Project duration: 2009–2010
Contact: Erik Forsberg, Uppsala BIO
Uppsala BIO’s role: Project leader

* Uppsala BIO’s core funding comes from the regional financiers Region Uppsala, SLU, Uppsala University and Uppsala Municipality, as well as from VINNVÄXT, a Vinnova-funded initiative.

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