Uppsala University Hospital. Photo: Johan Wahlgren

Innovation Akademiska stage 2 – test-bed for medical technology

Uppsala BIO helped secure funding and offered a guiding hand in the project’s initial years.

During 2008–2009, following requests from industry, Uppsala University Hospital and the government inquiry ‘Collaboration in Clinical Research’, Uppsala BIO assumed a leading role in establishing a test-bed at the hospital for medical technology companies. Funding was secured in early 2009 and Innovation Akademiska got under way. Uppsala BIO was especially active in the early establishment phase up to 2010-2011, by which time the project’s operations had matured. Today, Innovation Akademiska is an integral part of Uppsala University Hospital.


Financing: Uppsala BIO* / Vinnova (Case ID: 2009-01488),
the government inquiry Collaboration in Clinical Research
Project duration: 2008–2010
Contact: Kristin Hellman, Uppsala BIO
Uppsala BIO’s role: Coordinator of inquiry and start-up funding for Innovation Akademiska

* Uppsala BIO’s core funding comes from the regional financiers Region Uppsala, SLU, Uppsala University and Uppsala Municipality, as well as from VINNVÄXT, a Vinnova-funded initiative.

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