Overcoming barriers to growth for SMEs

First identify barriers to company growth, then adopt measures to win over them!

Since 2017, Uppsala BIO has maintained a deeper dialogue with the management of most of the region’s small to medium-sized companies (10–100 employees). One identified barrier to growth is financing. After about six months of matchmaking, a special investor meeting was thus held in October. As a result, one of the Uppsala-based companies received an investment of approximately MSEK 100. Other identified obstacles include issues regarding internal organisational development. Uppsala BIO therefore plans further efforts to remove this hinder with the help of other players in the innovation support system.


Financing: Uppsala BIO*
Project duration: 2017–
Contact: Helena Ströberg, Uppsala BIO
Uppsala BIO’s role: Project management

* Uppsala BIO’s core funding comes from the regional financiers Region Uppsala, SLU, Uppsala University and Uppsala Municipality, as well as from VINNVÄXT, a Vinnova-funded initiative.

Helena Ströberg, M.Sc., Business Development. “I am passionate about creating opportunities so that players in the life science industry become more successful, thus contributing to growth in our region as well as in Sweden.”

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