Specialist education in natural science at Katedralskolan

Specialist curriculum in biotechnology benefits from mentors with industrial experience secured by Uppsala BIO.

From 2009 to 2014, Uppsala BIO, in cooperation with Uppsala University and SLU (The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), collaborated with Katedralskolan’s specialist education curriculum in biotechnology. Links to industry were identified as an important aspect of this program, which was part of a national initiative with a country-wide intake. Uppsala BIO ensured such a link-up by arranging industrial contacts in the form of mentors.


Financing: Uppsala BIO* / Swedish Research Council
Project duration: 2009–2014
Contact: Malin Wiederholm, Uppsala BIO
Uppsala BIO’s role: Project partner responsible for mentors from industry

* Uppsala BIO’s core funding comes from the regional financiers Region Uppsala, SLU, Uppsala University and Uppsala Municipality, as well as from VINNVÄXT, a Vinnova-funded initiative.

Malin Wiederholm. Product Manager. (parental leave) “I am passionate about developing targeted innovation strategies, where market pull rather than technology push determines which innovations are funded and highlighted.”

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