Testa Center

Test and verify digital, technical or biological tools for manufacturing biologics or biopharmaceuticals.

During 2017, Uppsala BIO, in collaboration with STUNS, Region Uppsala and Testa Center secured funding and deployment to help bring into operation Testa Center (formerly BioProcess Innovation Center), an authentic production environment for testing tools used for the industrial manufacture of biologicals. Uppsala BIO has assigned two employees (including a project manager) to establish routines relating to external interaction with the centre, e.g. how companies and projects seeking support should proceed.

The foundation has thus been laid to quickly put into place all the functions needed when Testa Center officially opens its doors in late summer of 2018. These include creating a flow of players who will use the centre, drawing up transparent policies, procedures and templates for selection, and seeing that various forms of support for project applicants and their accompanying personnel work in practice. The target is greater than 70% occupancy rate during 2018.


Financing: Swelife (project ID 2017-03710) 
Project duration: 2017–2019
Contact: Kristin Hellman, Helena Ströberg, Uppsala BIO 
Uppsala BIO’s role: Project leader for external processes, adjunct to Testa Center steering group

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Kristin Hellman. M.Sc., Business Development. “I focus on facilitating interaction between large companies and small start-ups and academic projects in order to accelerate the development of promising new products and technologies.”

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Helena Ströberg, M.Sc., Business Development. “I am passionate about creating opportunities so that players in the life science industry become more successful, thus contributing to growth in our region as well as in Sweden.”

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