Uppsala Health Summit enjoys success as an annual event

Uppsala BIO’s proposal for a broad-based, high-level healthcare conference lives on today as the Uppsala Health Summit.

On request from the network ‘World Class Uppsala’, Uppsala BIO carried out two feasibility studies during 2011–2012 to investigate whether a high-level conference spanning medical, economic and ethical perspectives could be established in Uppsala, as well as to suggest suitable formats. The results were delivered to World Class Uppsala in 2012 as several reports under the name Linnaeus Health Summit. Uppsala BIO recommended that such a conference could take place in Uppsala. After evaluation, Uppsala University took on the long-term implementation of the event under the designation Uppsala Health Summit, which today remains a major annual conference in Uppsala.


Financing: World Class Uppsala
Project duration: 2011–2012
Contact: Erik Forsberg, Uppsala BIO 
Uppsala BIO’s role: Project leader for two feasibility studies

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