Develop your idea or company

#1. Find the right financing

There can be many occasions when external funding may be needed, for example, if you are going to develop a new product, take your business abroad, or if your company is growing.

We at Uppsala BIO can help you secure the right funding for your needs, but you can also start your search at, a site that collates public financial support information and tells you what to keep in mind when seeking finance. Swelife and Vinnova also offer useful information.

#2. Find the right partner

The database is a web-based search tool for all who intend to develop an idea for a healthcare service or product. Here you can quickly, easily – and free-of-charge – find your collaborative partner from start-ups to established industry leaders. You can also enter your own company.

#3. Find life science companies to invest in

Check out these useful sites:

Uppsala Innovation Centre
Stockholm-Uppsala’s life science hot list
Swelife’s portfolio of funded projects

#4. Find investors in Uppsala

Contact Connect, who gather together our region’s business angels.


Kristin Hellman. M.Sc., Business Development. “I focus on facilitating interaction between large companies and small start-ups and academic projects in order to accelerate the development of promising new products and technologies.”

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Erik Olaisson. B.Sc., Business Development. “I want to see more new companies, growing companies, investing companies, fresh establishments and innovative thinking in Uppsala.”

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