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A global provider of pharmaceutical development and next-generation CRO

Recipharm’s development facility in Uppsala focuses on providing contract research within pharmaceutical development as well as chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis and analysis. The company serves academia and industry of all sizes in all corners of the world, from Europe to Asia, Israel, the US and Canada.

Fredrik Lehmann PhD, General Manager and Sales Director Preclinical and Chemistry Services, is one of the founders of what was then known as OnTargetChemistry (OTChemistry), a 2008 spinout from Biovitrum. Fredrik and Ulf Bremberg, both with backgrounds in pharmaceuticals and organic chemistry, launched the company to pick up where Biovitrum left off. OTChemistry was then acquired by Recipharm two years ago.

Diversity as a strategy

Today, Recipharm’s development facility in Uppsala employs 40 people represented by 18 different nationalities.
“An important success factor for us is our broad, international network that is in part provided through our international crew. Diversity in background, education and knowledge is a conscious strategy of ours,” says Fredrik Lehmann.

International savoir-fair is not just reflected in the diversity of employees but also the clientele; Recipharm serves academia and industry of all sizes in all corners of the world, from Europe to Asia, Israel, the US and Canada. The company focuses on providing contract research within pharmaceutical development plus chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis and analysis. More recently, next-generation, GLP-compliant analyses were launched as a service and Recipharm is the only wholly digital provider in northern Europe, if not the world. Together with CTC Clinical Trial Consultants, GLP analyses are offered as part of the Recipharm pathway to clinic, where Recipharm provides both the initial and final stage of the solution with the final step being GLP analysis performed on site in Uppsala.

In-house research an additional strength

The world of contract research is going through a paradigm shift, transitioning from classical CRO to clients expecting both project development and industry insight in addition to pharmaceutical development. Fredrik and Recipharm have been preparing for this shift for some time now through in-house research employing several PhD students.

“The fact that we provide our own basic research means we can offer something no other CRO can. We are pushing developments into the future rather than following behind.”

Recipharm’s internal research focuses on analysing antibody drug conjugates and developing special formulations, two fields that are coming strong already. In addition to PhD students, the company accepts several Master students each year, both locally and internationally.

“Investing in tomorrow’s workforce is important not just for current projects but also to maintain a strong and capable pool of talent for future employment. Since the gradual decline of large pharmaceutical companies in Uppsala and Sweden, being able to build up and maintain a skilled workforce has become quite a challenge.”

Thrives in Uppsala

With its well-connected network, Fredrik Lehmann regards Uppsala as a great place to run a life science business. Something that is missing, however, and not just in Uppsala but throughout Sweden, is larger venture capital investments.

“A great company or idea will always get funding, and this is a good exclusion process, but I still see a need for larger investments to properly finance developments to the full.”

Fredrik Lehmann, Recipharm

Fredrik Lehmann, Ph.D.
General Manager and Sales Director,
Preclinical and Chemistry Services 

Helena Ströberg, M.Sc., Business Development. “I am passionate about creating opportunities so that players in the life science industry become more successful, thus contributing to growth in our region as well as in Sweden.”

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