Meet our partner TdB Consultancy

Expertise in polysaccharide chemistry

Uppsala-based TdB Consultancy has a strong history and a keen eye on the future. The company’s research, development and production bring modern polysaccharides to a broad range of end-users.

Charlotte de Belder Tesseus is the CEO of Uppsala BIO’s most recent partner; TdB Consultancy. Charlotte took over the family-run business in 2009 following a long career as a physiotherapist and teacher at Uppsala University. The company was founded in 1991 by Tony de Belder, who acted as a consultant for, amongst others, Amersham (today GE Healthcare), which is how it got its name. Since then, TdB Consultancy has grown organically and developed from a purely consultative business to one comprising research, development and production.

Today, it develops, produces and analyses fluorescent and non-fluorescent polysaccharides at the company’s premises in Uppsala Business Park, from where shipments are also made. Customers come essentially from academia as well as drug, biotech and diagnostic companies, where dextrans have several areas of application; permeability studies, research on inflammatory bowel syndromes and oncology to name just three.

Sustainable growth through involvement

Charlotte is currently focusing on developing the company to enhance its growth via a stronger organisation, an effort supported by ALMI, while also striving to digitalise operations. Additionally, all employees are involved in a developmental strategy to foster a sense of community and responsibility, thereby making the most of their combined strengths.

Charlotte de Belder Tesseus, CEO

TdB Consultancy

“I want to create a company culture that signifies TdB Consultancy, that allows employees to grow and encourages them to stay”, says Charlotte.

TdB Consultancy responds rapidly to costumer demand and has recently launched a new dextran derivative. Charlotte continuously strives to develop an even closer relationship with costumers and a better understanding of potential markets. She is currently looking to recruit in order to support this goal.

Uppsala’s life science network is important to Charlotte and TdB Consultancy, especially networking events such as BIO-PUBs and innovation support system actors like UIC and Connect Uppsala. She would, however, like to see more women taking the stage and occupying top positions at Uppsala’s companies.


Helena Ströberg, M.Sc., Business Development. “I am passionate about creating opportunities so that players in the life science industry become more successful, thus contributing to growth in our region as well as in Sweden.”

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